Inglês Motivacional

Celebrating Small Wins

Boost Your Winner's Mindset By Celebrating Your Brilliance And Small Achievements

You can't win in life if you're losing in your mind as Tony Gaskins used to say.

The habit of celebrating small victories boost your self esteem and reminds you of your value.

O Sapo Surdo

The Deaf Frog

Here’s an old story that helps us persevere, even when we encounter obstacles and setbacks.

Pensamentos E Saúde

Mind & Body

Thoughts can directly influence your health.

Esther Hicks

Have An Eternally Joyous Journey

“You are actually pre-paving your future experiences constantly.

You are continually projecting your expectations into your future experiences.”

― Esther Hicks

Viagens E Seus Benefícios

There Is Nothing Like Traveling

Whenever we change places, we also change our energy and, as a result, we end up changing our lives forever.

Oprah Winfrey

What Is Your Calling?

Many of us spend a lot of time on this item right?

Hang in there, keep on exploring what you love.

When the right time comes you will feel the urge to share your gift with the world.

Hang in there...

I would like you to know that even in the face of uncertainty and turmoil, you can imagine, design and achieve the fulfillment of your dreams.

Mantenha-se firme...

Eu gostaria que você soubesse que mesmo diante das incertezas e das turbulências, você pode imaginar, projetar e alcançar a realização dos seus sonhos.

Exercite seu inglês em casa

Conteúdo motivacional de qualidade

Pratique inglês com os nossos vídeos curtinhos e não apenas exercite o seu ouvido mas também acalme a sua mente ao ouvir nossas mensagens de motivação.